History Of Aluminum
Facts and information on aluminum

Aluminum is so widely used in today’s modern society that it is almost impossible to imagine a world without it. The amazing, unique qualities of this fundamental metal give it a huge array of possible applications, from transport, packaging, electrical application, medicine, and construction of homes and furniture.

Since aluminium is extraordinarily strong, it is fundamental to both the automobile and the air travel industries. In fact, without this metal, there would not be any commercial air travel at all. The Wright’s brother first airplane to fly in 1903 only was able to get off the ground because they modified its engine with aluminum in order to reduce its weight. Without the ability of the strong aluminium alloys to withstand the huge pressures and stresses involved, high altitude flying would not be conceivable. In fact, aluminum comprises about 80 percent of an aircraft’s unladen weight. Even more amazing, the space shuttles created by NASA are a whole 90% aluminum.

The strength and lightness of aluminum, combined with its ability to absorb kinetic energy, is also what makes it so attractive for the creation of cars, trucks and trains. It has been calculated that during the life of a single vehicle, there will be a saving of 6 to 12 times the energy it took to produce the primary aluminum metal used to construct the car. Ever ton of aluminium that is used in place of a ton of heavier materials will save 20 ton of carbon dioxide over the lifetime of the vehicle.

Many of the attributes that make aluminum so good for the transport industry also make it the perfect metal for outdoor home construction and aluminum outdoor furniture. It is a well-known fact that aluminum does not rust. This is due to the fact that once exposed to outdoor air, the surface of aluminum will quickly develop a thin, microscopic layer of oxide over its top, which will rend the metal almost completely resistant to corrosion. Not only does this make the metal an appealing choice in any sort of decorative item, it also means that the metal will not disintegrate when exposed to problematic weather conditions. Thus, the material is perfect for the manufacturing of any object that must remain outdoors for longer periods of time, such as outdoor fixtures and furniture. It will retain, for the most part, its original appearance, along with its structural integrity without much maintenance. With all its amazing qualities, it is no wonder that in such a short period of time, aluminum as become the cornerstone metal of today’s modern society!

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